The Price of Peace

A meditation by Victor Emmanuel. The unjust peace can only be resolved by justice.

By: Victor Emmanuel 

You will often hear of “The Cost of War”. It is understandable why. The cost of war is out in the open. It’s obvious. You can see it clear as day on the battlefield. Soldiers will often tell of it. But most of all it is very easy to make a movie to show it. What is never talked about is “The Price of Peace”. There are those who believe that any peace is preferable to any kind of war. It is clear to see why. The casualties of an unjust peace are unseen. They are behind closed doors. The casualties of war are attributed to the war itself. But the casualties of an unjust peace are attributed to circumstance, personal failure, or sheer randomness but never to the peace its self.

There is no place to honor these fallen so let us honor them here. This unjust peace has taken tens of millions of yet to be born babies for the sake of hedonism. This unjust peace has taken millions by violent savages who have no right to be here.  This unjust peace has taken hundreds of thousands of patients who were given opioids from people they trusted with their lives. This unjust peace has taken an unknown number by despair and suicide. This unjust peace has enforced policies and social customs designed to destroy the very people who make it up.

The people who warn of unjust wars are without number. But an unjust war is always preferable to an unjust peace. Wars consume resources and for that reason are finite. They are short when compared to peaceful epochs. Peace can go on without end and is only interrupted by circumstances of history. Thus, an unjust war will have a finite number of victims, but an unjust peace will continue to pile bodies until it is ended by a form of justice. The death toll of this current unjust peace is nearing a hundred million with no hint of a treaty to be signed. Understand this: the only thing that can end an unjust peace is justice. Do not pray for unjust peace. Pray for justice.