The People's Samizdat Mission Statement 

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The primary goal of The People's Samizdat is to provide a platform for the broader base of the Dissident Right to express their thoughts and ideas on a wide variety of topics. We aspire to turn this regular intellectual discourse into a genuine artistic circle for the Dissident Right. Historically, innovative thinkers have not come from a single isolated space, but rather from batches of people that regularly wrote to each other and critically discussed each other's ideas. This pattern has repeated itself in various disciplines from philosophy and mathematics to literature and poetry.

Cultivating a welcoming environment for artistic expression is of the utmost importance. The People's Samizdat aims to publish a wide range of our people's creative output: short stories, casual articles, cerebral essays, video production, poetry, and song. Modernity has long stifled our people's propensity for meaningful production. To overcome this harmful development, we welcome every type of intellectual creation: from the narrowest observation to the grandest art, all contributions are encouraged.  We hope to engender a culture of creation within our broader political milieu. ​​​​​​​Our people deserve to have their voice heard. 

It is our hope to nurture a new creative aesthetic, combining the yearning for soulful adventure, lost futures, and enchanted pasts, all suffused with a deeply rooted moral confidence: Sincere Romanticism​​​​An obsession with irony and disingenuousness has plagued many online right-wing circles and has even bled into our personal interactions. The breakdown of sincerity in a our day-to-day interactions has created language and meaning built upon a foundation of sand; consequently, many verbal and written interactions are utterly meaningless. We hope to reassert the organic development of Western aesthetics toward its most honest and open form. 

Engage in the artistic struggle for our people.